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The FDA oversees more than 36.9 million shipments of regulated products from over 150 countries to 130,000 U.S. importers. These products are manufactured, processed, or packaged at more than 300,000 foreign facilities.

Is your company manufacturing, exporting, importing or distributing personal protective equipment (PPE) or hand sanitizers?

Are you considering shipping food products, medical devices, drug products or cosmetics to the United States?

The registration of your facility or establishment with the FDA is required, and ITB HOLDINGS LLC is ready to assist.

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Domestic and foreign companies are required to have a DUNS (Data Universal Numbering System) Number issued by Dun & Bradstreet Inc to all types of business organizations including sole proprietorships, corporations, partnerships, non-profits, and government entities.

$99.00 for Food Facility Registration. Click on link below.

    Contact ITB HOLDINGS LLC, today, to register your company and list your products, with extra savings.

    The number used to identify an Importer of Record (IOR) on the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) is either an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Employer Identification Number (EIN), a Social Security Number (SSN), or a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)-Assigned Number (following the filing of Importer Identity Form or CBP Form 5106). ACE is the U.S. electronic Single Window platform for all trade processing.

    When shipping your products to a U.S. Amazon warehouse, don’t take a chance assuming that regulations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, India, South Korea, China, Japan, Russia, European Union, United Kingdom, are the same or similar.

    A shampoo is a cosmetic, since its intended use is to cleanse the hair.

    An anti-dandruff treatment is a drug, because its intended use is to treat dandruff.

    Consequently, an antidandruff shampoo is both a cosmetic and a drug.

    La Registrazione FDA è un prerequisito per esportare cibo negli Stati Uniti e ti costa solo ora €95.00. Più di 10026 aziende alimentari italiane sono registrate presso la FDA degli Stati Uniti.

    4217 से अधिक भारतीय खाद्य कंपनियां युनाइटेड स्टेट्स एफडीए के साथ पंजीकृत हैं।.

    FDA is not precluded from taking action against any dietary supplement containing new dietary ingredient if it is found to be unsafe, adulterated, or misbranded.
    Food Facilities
    Medical Devices
    OTC Drugs